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Maximize efficiency in Oil & Gas projects in one unified cloud-based platform.

Unified Data.   Unified Teams.
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The oil and gas industry faces unique challenges that demand sophisticated
project management solutions. PPM Core, a cloud-based project portfolio
management platform, is designed to meet these challenges head-on.

Industry Challenges

Technological Innovations

Keeping up with the fast-paced world of technological advancements is crucial. PPM Core empowers your team to continuously explore and extract fossil fuels from even the most challenging environments.

Project Scalability

Political turmoil in oil-rich regions can disrupt your supply chain. PPM Core offers a practical solution, allowing you to assess potential risks and opportunities comprehensively. This way, you can make informed investment decisions and maintain smooth project growth.

Cybersecurity Risks

With the Oil & Gas industry becoming increasingly digital, the risk of cybersecurity threats is on the rise. PPM Core not only improves project reliability but also safeguards your operations, giving you peace of mind in the face of evolving cyber risks.

PPM Core Benefits

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Centralized Data

Store, manage, and take full control of your project data in a single, centralized location.

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Real-time Tracking

Monitor project progress, identify bottlenecks, and adapt to changing conditions.

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Collaborative Coordination

Facilitate efficient team coordination with instant access to the latest project files.

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Project-based Licensing

Embrace the ‘One Project, One Team’ approach.

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Industry-Specific Project
Collaboration with PPM Core

Efficient Updates

PPM Core empowers your PMO with effortless progress tracking. Swiftly input vital data, including KPI updates, project card details, and project risk assessments.

New Project Timeline

Empower Project Managers to adapt project phases and milestones in real-time, ensuring project timelines remain responsive to on-site conditions and reflect actual progress.

View MPP and XER Files

PPM Core enables users to easily view MPP and XER files, streamlining project management tasks.

Ensure your next project meets deadlines & prevents overspending.