allocate resources for projects

How to Allocate Resources for Projects?

Project management involves a multitude of tasks, and one of the most critical aspects is resource allocation. From people to equipment, materials, and time, allocating resources effectively can make or break a project. In this article, we will explore the importance of resource allocation in project management and provide you with valuable insights on how ... Read More
top reasons to move your business to the cloud

Top Reasons to Move Your Business to the Cloud

As organizations grapple with constant changes and increasing competition, the adoption of cloud technology emerges as a crucial strategy to unlock new opportunities for project-based businesses. This article explores the numerous advantages of cloud computing and why it is a vital step for project management organizations aiming to thrive in today’s digital era.  Saving Money ... Read More

Join PPM Core’s Partnership Program

We’re happy to announce the official launch of PPM Core’s Partnership Program! This is your chance to be a part of our rapidly growing reseller network and enjoy the benefits that come along with it.  Our Partnership Network is crucial to enhancing our daily operations. Thanks to our partners, PPM Core is expanding its global ... Read More
PPM Core at the Project Controls Expo UAE

PPM Core at the Project Controls Expo UAE

We are delighted to announce that Synami is joining the 2024 Project Controls Expo UAE, Middle East as a Gold partner.  PPM Core, along with the other Synami Products, will be exhibited during the 2-day conference on the 13 and 14 February at the JAFZA One Convention Centre in Dubai.  Project Controls Expo UAE  Following the ... Read More
find out if your pmo is mature enough with ppm core

How To Find Out If Your PMO Is Mature Enough?

Project management offices (PMOs) are crucial to the selection, implementation, and management of projects in the field of business project management. For more effective operations, it is necessary to look into the realm of PMO maturity, a topic that the Project Management Institute (PMI) has discussed extensively.  Their annual Global Congresses have featured a variety ... Read More
cost management in cloud project portfolio management software

PPM Core Upgraded with a New Cost Management Feature!

Embarking on a journey of continuous innovation, we’re excited to present an upgrade to PPM Core. Recognized for its excellence in Universal Project Viewer and Portfolio Management, PPM Core has now expanded its offerings with the introduction of an enhanced Cost Management feature. This enhancement not only reinforces commitment to industry leadership but also significantly ... Read More
ppm software on site vs cloud based

Choosing The Right PPM Software: On-Site Vs. Cloud-Based Platforms

When organizations embark on the journey of selecting project portfolio management (PPM) software, a pivotal decision between on-site and cloud-based platforms looms large. This choice extends beyond the deployment model, encompassing critical aspects of installation, management, and accessibility. On-Site PPM Solution: A Comprehensive Approach Delving into the intricacies of on-site PPM solutions reveals a comprehensive ... Read More
portfolio risk

Manage Portfolio Risk Strategically: Navigating Uncertainties for Sustainable Growth

In the fast-paced and dynamic business landscape, strategically managing portfolio risk has emerged as a critical component for organizations seeking sustainable growth and resilience. This article delves into the essence of portfolio risk management, offering a comprehensive guide that combines proven methodologies and contemporary strategies to navigate uncertainties and secure long-term success.  Defining Portfolio Risk ... Read More