PPM Core - How to Choose and Implement KPIs

How to Choose and Implement Key Performance Indicators?

Selecting and implementing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is fundamentally driven by an organization’s objectives. Before an organization can identify its KPIs, it must first define its overarching objectives. Once these goals are established, management can then choose appropriate KPIs to monitor and measure the organization’s progress toward achieving them. Read on to learn all you ... Read More
The Role of Risk Managament in Project Success

How to Create a Risk Management Plan: Preparing for the Unexpected

Have you ever wondered how some companies can overcome unexpected challenges and successfully deliver projects while others falter? The answer often lies in a crucial component of project management: the risk management plan. Preparing for the unexpected is not just a preventive measure but a vital strategy to ensure your project stays on track. Imagine ... Read More
Project Failure

Why Projects Fail? Top 10 Reasons for Project Failure

In today’s dynamic business market, organizations proactively work to improve or change their tactics to respond to the challenges ahead. On that note, well-prepared and thought-through projects give them a much-needed route to accomplish their objectives and goals and to avoid project failure. As they go forward, every project becomes more complicated and difficult to ... Read More