prefilltering in ppm core a cloud software solution for project and portfolio management

Exciting news, everyone! Our Universal Project Viewer feature just got a major functional upgrade: Pre-filtering. This useful feature allows schedule administrators to finely adjust the project data displayed on the Gantt chart using a range of filtering options. As a result, team members within specific schedule groups will view the most relevant project data aligned with their roles or responsibilities. 

The Benefits of Pre-filtering 

Pre-filtering simplifies project scheduling by allowing precise layout customization. 

 Here’s how it works: 

  • Create layouts: Control the data display on the Gantt chart by creating a predefined layout per schedule group. 
  • Define filtering Options: Create layouts by filtering schedule data based on Activity Codes and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) elements.  
  • Provide flexibility: Create distinct pre-filtered layouts for different schedules within a single group, catering to various team member needs. 
  • Implement easy access controls: By creating a layout ensure team members only see project data fulfilling the pre-filtering criteria.  
  • Time-saving schedule management: Quickly create customized layouts with intuitive navigation and user-friendly interface. 
  • Enhance Efficiency: Enable team members to navigate schedules without being overwhelmed by irrelevant data, thus boosting productivity and efficiency.  


Benefits for Your Project 

  • Reduced complexity: Simplify project schedules for team members, minimizing confusion and errors while interpreting project data. 
  • Improved productivity: Save team members’ time spent on searching for relevant project activities and navigating through complex project structures, allowing them to focus on executing tasks efficiently. 
  • Faster onboarding: Facilitate quick integration of new or less experienced team members by providing a clear view of their responsibilities within the project.   
  • Transparency and empowerment: Boost motivation by providing visibility and clarity over one’s tasks and foster ownership and control over tasks.  
  • Simplified Project Oversight: Enable project managers to monitor project progress effectively by focusing on relevant data, reducing the risk of oversight errors.  

In summary, “Pre-filtering” equips administrators with the opportunity to create customized layouts while ensuring team members view the necessary data. 

We’re excited for you to evaluate the advantages of this useful functionality firsthand. Keep an eye out for further updates and improvements as we continue to innovate and improve our platform. 


PPM Core a cloud software solution for project and portfolio management

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