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Embarking on a journey of continuous innovation, we’re excited to present an upgrade to PPM Core. Recognized for its excellence in Universal Project Viewer and Portfolio Management, PPM Core has now expanded its offerings with the introduction of an enhanced Cost Management feature. This enhancement not only reinforces commitment to industry leadership but also significantly enhances your project management experience. 

Escape the complexity of ERP systems and bid farewell to the burden of managing 200,000 Excel sheets. Embrace centralized cost management, designed as a dedicated tool for project managers, ensuring efficiency without unnecessary complexities. 


Feature Focus: Cost and Budget Allocation and Categorization 

All costs and budgets intricately tie to specific project phases and financial categories. This structured approach ensures detailed financial organization and easy tracking. 

 Simplifying Data Management 

The import and export functionality prevails across all parts of Cost Management, facilitating efficient data management, minimizing manual errors, and supporting the creation of detailed financial reports. 

Real-time Updates and Collaboration 

The cost management feature enables easy real-time updates on one central platform, simplifying tracking and fostering collaboration. Changes are instantly reflected, providing a dynamic overview of project finances. Transaction notes further enhance communication, ensuring all stakeholders are on the same page for efficient and transparent project financial management. 


Detailed Features: 



Effortlessly enter or import transactions, track diverse financial costs, apply change orders, and monitor real-time updates on transaction statuses. A comprehensive transaction log offers historical insights into changes, providing a deeper understanding. The flexibility to enter or import transactions allows seamless management of various cost elements and types. 

transactions in ppm core a cloud software solution 


Remaining Costs 

Gain flexibility in distributing costs across different time scales with automatic or manual distribution, ensuring precise control. The feature maintains a detailed historical tracking record of all remaining costs, facilitating transparent financial management. 

remaining cost in ppm core a cloud software solution 

 Original Budget 

Set the project plan with the initial budget, incorporating time-scale distribution through automatic or manual allocation. This feature also maintains a historical record, allowing continuous tracking of budget changes, remaining costs, and the overall evolution financial planning for your projects.

original budget in ppm core a cloud software solution for project portfolio management 

Dashboard Insights 

The Cost Management dynamic dashboard provides a view of total statistics for different budget and cost types. Get instant insights into current and proposed budgets, actual costs, at-completion projections, revenue, and margin. The dashboard offers filtering options to facilitate the analysis of the total budgets and costs or their time scale distribution. This overview equips stakeholders with the necessary tools to make informed decisions and optimize the financial performance of the project. 

the dashboard of cost management in ppm core a cloud software solution for project and portfolio management
the dashboard of cost table in ppm core a cloud software solution for project and protfolio managemenet


Financial Tracking for Portfolio Management 

Track financial data within a selected portfolio of projects, analyzing their performance in one unified view. This streamlined approach enhances efficiency and facilitates informed decision-making for strategic financial management. 

portfolio management for cost management in ppm core a cloud software solution 

Benefits of the Cost Management: 


Enhanced Accuracy and Error Reduction 

Minimize the risk of manual errors with options that automate and validate financial data, ensuring precision and reliability in every transaction. 

Adaptive Budgeting Strategies 

Respond to changing project dynamics with agility. The Cost Management allows for adaptive budgeting, ensuring easy revisions and data-driven adjustments. 

Comprehensive Audit 

In addition to historical logs, the cost management feature provides a robust audit. Track every change made, ensuring transparency, accountability, and compliance with project management best practices. 

 User-Friendly Interface 

The user-friendly interface ensures that both seasoned professionals and newcomers can navigate the feature effortlessly, fostering adoption and usability. 

 Facilitated Workflow 

Unlock an efficient and streamlined workflow. With features designed to save time and effort, users can focus on strategic decision-making rather than administrative tasks. 

 Real-time Financial Visibility 

Gain immediate insights into your project’s financial performance for informed decision-making with organized data at a glance. 

 Efficient Change Management 

Simplify change handling with real-time updates, detailed historical logs, and notes. Our user-friendly interface ensures easy tracking and communication, providing a holistic view for swift decision-making. 

Embark on a new era of financial management excellence with enhanced Cost Management. PPM Core is not just about managing projects, it’s about sculpting success. 




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