ppm core project portfolio management platform

Synami Introduces PPM Core

A new cloud-based platform for collaborative project and project portfolio management, furthering Synami’s mission to unite teams for project success.

# Santa Venera, Malta, (February 2023)

Synami launched their new software product PPM Core, a modern project and project portfolio management platform that offers a simple way to collaboratively manage projects.

PPM Core is a new cloud-based platform that connects all the project participants and information in a way that empowers seamless collaboration across teams, companies, and projects.

Coming from a company with a proven track record of delivering innovative software products that are used by some of the leading project-oriented companies in more than 172 countries, PPM Core is here to answer the challenges imposed by today’s new reality of managing projects.

About PPM Core

The new PPM Core project portfolio management platform is designed to support project-oriented companies and organizations in managing projects where efficient communication and consolidated data is required more than ever.

With PPM Core, data is centralized, unified, and easily accessible, allowing all project participants to easily find and see the status of their projects and assignments in one place.

As a result, project participants will have access to relevant project information to support them in making everyday decisions to drive the project forward, without worrying if they have the right software license to view the schedule, how to find the approved version of the schedule, or if they need to change their way of working.

One Platform to Collaboratively Manage all Project and Portfolio Operations

The PPM Core platform consists of several modules, including a Universal Project Viewer and a Project Portfolio Management module.

The Universal Project Viewer enables the project participants to open and view their individual tasks and assignments in the schedule in an easy-to-use, and easy-to-understand format.

The Project Viewer works with data from existing project schedules and can open different project files, including the most common project plan extensions such as .mpp, .xer and others.

The module additionally features an integral project reporting functionality, designed to provide clear overview of project status at all times and key insights required to drive projects forward at the different stages of the project lifecycle.

The Project Portfolio Management module on the other hand, focusses on the bigger picture, thereby fully supporting the program, project, and project portfolio managers in creating, optimizing, and managing individual projects, as well as project portfolios in line with the companies’ strategic goals and objectives.

The platform is designed to fully enable the project team to efficiently collaborate and manage projects and its modular design leaves plenty of space to the developer to introduce exciting new features and functionalities further down the product roadmap.


The need for efficient online collaboration has been increasingly growing, as projects become geographically dispersed, and multiple companies, as well as different teams from one or more companies are more often involved in a single or several projects.

Furthermore, today project data is created in different tools and communicated in different forms, which makes projects even more difficult to manage.

Adopting a cloud-based platform like PPM Core, whose mission is to “enable collaborative project management” provides numerous benefits including:

  • Fast and easy-to-use view access to consolidated project data in one place
  • Unified view of the schedule, requiring no additional software licenses
  • Transparent cross-organizational and cross-team communication
  • Centralized project portfolio management system with support for reporting and analysis

Licensing and Demonstration

PPM Core features a unique per “Project-based” license model that allows companies to bring all project participants on the platform. From there, they can easily collaborate and communicate with each member of the project, both cross-teams and cross-organizations.

To learn more about PPM Core and schedule a short, online demo presentation with our team you can send a request on the following link:

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About Synami

Synami is a company with two decades of experience specialized in developing innovative software products in the field of project management that have strong potential to lead the digital transformation in world’ leading global companies.

Synami’s flagship products ScheduleReader, ScheduleCleaner, and Seavus Project Viewer are trusted by more than 6 million users and over 4,500 companies, ranging from micro-companies up to some of the leading Fortune 500 enterprises.


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